Denise - Boss at Tuesday and Wednesday Swim School


Hi, my name is Denise. I learned to swim at the King Edmund School (KES) while my mum was the council instructor there. I qualified myself in 1985 and worked for various swim schools before taking over lessons at King Edmund in September 1990, soon after my Mum had retired. I am married and have three children who all learned to swim with Kingfishers and all play an active role in the swimschool now. I love my job and get real satisfaction from seeing the children do something for the first time, whether it be the most nervous child getting in the pool without any tears to the more advanced children completing their 5000m badge! My hobbies include swimming (naturally), cycling and running and I try to do one of these activities every day.

Sophie - Boss at Thursday, Friday and Saturday Swim School


 Hi, I'm Sophie. As Denise's eldest daughter I've also been around a long time! I have worked at the swim school since 2002 when I started helping with the younger classes. Since then, I trained as a Level 1 and 2 instructor before heading off to university to study Primary Education. I have worked in local primary schools as a teacher, but now run Thursday, Friday and Saturday Kingfishers to spend more time with my two very young sons. I am an ASA Adult and Child qualified Instructor for the under 3's and having two under two I feel like I can really understand the development of our youngest swimmers. I love teaching our babies right up to our advanced classes 

Hazel - Instructor and Admin


 Hi, I'm Hazel I have worked for the swim school since 2006. I am married and have three grown-up sons. During the day I work as the administrator for Kingfishers and am usually your first point of contact when you email or phone us. I love teaching swimming and find my job very rewarding.  



 Hi, my name is Jordan. I have been swimming at Kingfishers for my whole life as I'm Denise's youngest daughter. I qualified as a Level 2 Instructor and now teach at the swim school. I love outdoor adventurous activities and have worked at children's outdoor centres across the country, mostly leading groups of school children. I am an ASA Adult and Child qualified Instructor for the under 3's. 



 Lucy is a fully qualified ASA level 2 instructor. She began assisting at Kingfishers before gaining her qualifications. Lucy is an ex-competitive swimmer and still teaches at the local swimming club so has lots of swimming experience. 



 Amber teaches our younger children in the lane classes. An ex-competitive swimmer and still teaching at the local swimming club, Amber has lots of swimming experience. She is a qualified STA instructor. 



Georgina is one of the newest members of the Kingfishers Team but is already teaching excellent lessons at Kingfishers. She started as a swimmer at Kingfishers herself before moving onto being an aquatic helper when she turned 13. 3 years on and she is a qualified ASA instructor.  



Joshua is one of our lead aquatic helper with lots of experience. He has been a member of the swim school since turning 3 years old (and yes that is a picture of him learning to swim at Kingfishers!) 

Torn, Jorja, Skye and Kaylen


Our aquatic helpers. These helpers have all been swimmers at the swim school since they were very young. They have now returned to Kingfishers to help the next generation of children achieve their swimming goals. You should recognise our helpers as they will be wearing turquoise.


All of our teachers hold either the ASA or STA swimming teachers award and either the National Pool Lifeguard qualification or the ASA Rescue Test for Teachers. At least one of the teachers working each evening holds a current Pool Lifeguard qualification and all senior members of the swim school are Safeguarding trained. A phone is always available on poolside for emergencies.