Under 3's

4 - 18months

 A wonderful bonding experience with your baby. Babies learn to love the water and the very beginnings of the aquatic skills. Join your baby in a fun-filled session in the water. Babies will work towards the Discovery Duckling Awards. 

18 - 36months

 Our toddler classes focus on the aquatic skills needed to learn to swim. Toddlers will learn water safety and a respect for the water while having lots of fun through songs and games. Toddlers will work towards the Discovery Duckling or Duckling Awards. 

Over 3's Swimming Levels

Level 1A

These children are complete beginners. They will be in aids and will be working on the STA Stanley awards 1-3. They will stay in this class until they have built water confident and are happy to swim with aids but without teacher assistance.

Level 1B

These children can swim across the pool confidently with aids and are beginning to swim independently. They are confident enough to put their faces in the water and blow bubbles. They will be working on the STA Stanley 4 and Octopus 2 awards.

Level 2

These children are beginning to swim and gain confidence to swim unaided. They can swim a short distance (2 metres) without aids and have the confidence to push and glide on their fronts and backs to a nearby teacher. They will be working on the STA Stanley awards 5 and 6.

Level 3

These children can now swim the 8 metre width across the pool on both their fronts (with their faces in) and on their backs. They will be working on the STA Stanley awards 6 and 7 and the Goldfish 1 award. 

Level 4

These children are able to swim 10 metres of a recognised front crawl, 10 metres back crawl and a width of recognisable breaststroke. They will be working on Stanley 7, Goldfish 1, 2 or 3. 

Level 5

These children are now able to swim 25 metres front crawl or back stroke, and have completed Goldfish 3.  They will be working on Angelfish 1.  

Advanced classes

Level 6

These children are able to swim front crawl with bilateral breathing, back stroke with a good alternating armpull, breast stroke with correct breathing and 10 metres of butterfly where their arms recover over the water. They are working on Angelfish 2 and 3 or Shark 1. 

Level 7

These children are competent at front crawl, back stroke and breast stroke over 50 metres of each. They have a basic understanding of butterfly technique. They will be working on the Shark 2 & 3, Water safety and Survival and the Advanced stroke series.  

Level 8

Similar to the level 7 class but generally an older group of swimmers continuing for fun and fitness (and that just don't want to leave us!) Sometimes joined by the off duty teachers keeping fit!